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    1. Products
      • CPR & Defibrillation Manikin

        ? Highly simulated anatomical structure

        ? Supports multiple airway management

        ? Can be used for high standard CPR training

        ? Embedded systems, wireless design

        ? Real defibrillators and monitors are available

        ? Supported more than 100,000 chest compressions

        ? The built-in battery can be used for 4 hours on a full charge

      • LungsReady Breathing Simulator

        ? Able to simulate respiratory diseases of all ages and genders

        ? Assisted or mechanical ventilation can be performed using a real ventilator

        ? It contains 15 real clinicopathological models, 50 healthy people or COPD,ARDS and other respiratory mechanics models, and the models can be expanded indefinitely.

        ? More than 20 parameters can be adjusted to simulate the most realistic breathing

        ? With trend function, parameter adjustment is more real

        ? Supports more than 50 kinds of medical tests such as X-ray, CT, etc

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      Tellyes Scientific INC. is a state-level high-tech enterprise with R&D, production and sales of modern medical education products as its main business. The company has carried out innovation, research and development in the fields of robot-based patient simulation, military trauma simulation training system, virtual reality based surgery trainer, modern medical training management system, traditional Chinese medicine training system supported by modern technology, providing 12 series and more than 1,000 kinds of virtual medical teaching products based on the above technologies.The company went public on NEEQ in July 2015 (stock symbol 833047).

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      Tellyes, Virtually Real

      Stock code :833047

      Address:2nd & 3rd Floor, West 6th Building, 18 West HaiTai Road, Tianjin, China






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