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      ABOUT US
      Our History

          Tellyes Scientific INC. is a state-level high-tech enterprise with R&D, production and sales of modern medical education products as its main business. The company has carried out innovation, research and development in the fields of robot-based patient simulation, military trauma simulation training system, virtual reality based surgery trainer, modern medical training management system, traditional Chinese medicine training system supported by modern technology, providing 12 series and more than 1,000 kinds of virtual medical teaching products based on the above technologies.The company went public on NEEQ in July 2015 (stock symbol 833047). We are the designer of virtual reality technology and services for medical education, and also the R&D manufacturer of high-end medical education products.

          For a long time, Tellyes takes technological innovation as the first priority, and is committed to the improvement of core technologies and the research and development of products with independent intellectual property rights. The company has been selected as the national intellectual property Demonstration unit, the national Production-education integration enterprise and the national copyright demonstration unit. It is the enterprise Technology Center of Tianjin, the Engineering Center of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Medical Virtual Technology, and the leading enterprise of science and technology cultivation in Tianjin. The company has the industry's most powerful and largest R & D team, the management team and technical backbone are graduated from domestic and foreign first-class universities, with rich industry experience, to provide strong talent support for the development of the company. Up to now, the company has applied for 1263 intellectual property rights in related fields, including 264 invention patents and 187 software Copyrights. In recent years, the company has undertaken dozens of national and provincial key science and technology research and development projects, such as Innovation fund projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology, national key promotion new product projects, Tianjin Science and Technology support plan projects, and won the first and third prizes of provincial science and technology progress for many times. Many products have been entered into the national independent innovation product catalog.

          In order to comprehensively implement the outline of China's "Healthy China 2030" plan and improve China's medical teaching ability and the self-rescue and mutual rescue ability of different groups of people, the company has carried out cooperative research with a number of colleges and universities such as Air Force Military Medical University, and carried out research and development in the key links and fields of medical teaching, such as physiological driving technology, emergency critical care simulation training technology, intelligent combat trauma simulation training system. It has formed a full series of medical simulation teaching products, including nursing, first aid, anesthesia, obstetrics, war trauma, traditional Chinese medicine, imaging and so on. It has built a medical treatment training system to meet different needs of hospitals, medical colleges and other medical professional fields as well as the military, emergency rescue, ordinary people and so on. Many series products with Chinese complete independent intellectual property rights have reached the international leading level.

          Over the years, the company adhering to the purpose of "Tellyes, Virtually Real", the domestic market share has been rapidly increased, the business field is constantly expanding, the company series of products have been used in Shanghai Ruijin Hospital, Xijing Hospital, Peking University Health Science Center, Tianjin Medical University and other thousands of hospitals and medical colleges. Our products have been exported to Europe, Asia, Africa, America and other markets. In response to the market trend and demand of socialized medical training services, Tellyes built the TAME with training equipment worth 100 million yuan, and introduced the training center training institution courses of Mayo Medical College in the United States. The joint construction of medical training center with Shaba Medical Center MSR Training Center and Tel Aviv Central Hospital focusing on disaster medicine research has been carried out. The training center is expected to undertake more than 20,000 trainees' skills training every year, which is fully prepared for the development of medical socialization training in China.

          In addition to its own development, Tellyes also focuses on the realization of corporate social responsibility. Over the years, the company has sponsored medical colleges and universities to hold skills competitions in the form of "Tellyes Cup" and provided all-round support such as supplies, technical services and funds for the competitions. It has sponsored and organized more than 500 national, provincial and municipal competitions and conferences in total, making unremitting efforts to promote the development of domestic virtual medical teaching industry and the progress of medical career. When disasters come, Tellyes has repeatedly extended a helping hand to the society. When the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, Tianjin Port explosion, Wenchuan earthquake, Zhouqu debris flow and other major disasters occurred, the company actively donated money and materials, and the accumulated amount of public welfare donations reached more than 50 million yuan. The company and Zhigong Party Tianjin Municipal Committee organized first aid activities into the community, and with Huaxia First Aid Alliance organized and popularized the training of daily first aid knowledge for many times, which has played a good social response and practiced the corporate responsibility to the society with practical actions.
      Tellyes Scientific Inc. is willing to join hands with you to develop a better future of medical virtual teaching industry!

      Tellyes, Virtually Real

      Stock code :833047

      Address:2nd & 3rd Floor, West 6th Building, 18 West HaiTai Road, Tianjin, China






      Tellyes Scientific INC.  Copyright  津ICP備14006255號-1
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