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      Tours reservation

      1. Daily appointment time is from 8:30

      2. Group appointment time is from Monday to Friday.

      3. Group reservations need to be made two days in advance, and can be reserved for science popularization service.

      4. When making a reservation for a group, it is necessary to provide information such as the group's affiliation, number of people, mode of transportation, group leader, and whether explanations are needed; Outgoing services require information such as the unit name, address, person in charge, and number of participants.

      5. Contact: Yaqi Qian

      6. Tel: 18202663063

      Personal reservation

      1. Daily appointment time is from 8:30 to 17:30.
      2. Personal appointment time is from Monday to Friday.
      3. Please make a reservation 1 day in advance and inform the key information such as the name and contact.
      4. Contact: Yaqi Qian
      5. Tel: 18202663063

      Tellyes, Virtually Real

      Stock code :833047

      Address:2nd & 3rd Floor, West 6th Building, 18 West HaiTai Road, Tianjin, China






      Tellyes Scientific INC.  Copyright  津ICP備14006255號-1
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