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          Tellyes Scientific Inc. base is located in the Software Park of Tianjin High-tech Zone, with an investment of more than 100 million CNY, covering an area of more than 3000 square meters. 
          At present, there are 19 science popularization personnel, 15 of whom are full-time. The base is equipped with more than 500 sets of top medical simulators independently developed by Tellyes and imported from abroad. It covers multiple disciplines such as internal medicine, surgery, gynecology, pediatric, emergency, nursing etc. 
          Nine functional areas, including operation area, nursing area, imaging area, emergency and critical care area, comprehensive training room, and clinical teaching and examination area, were constructed to truly simulate modern clinical scenarios.
      Tellyes Scientific Inc. actively responds to the national popular science work call.
          Aim: Popularizing science to benefit people's lives
          Basic: Core technology of virtual medical trainer
          Theme: Joint contribution and shared benefits for the health of all
          Tellyes Scientific Inc. focuses on popularizing practical medical knowledge and advanced technologies such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence. To improve the quality of public health care.

      Tellyes, Virtually Real

      Stock code :833047

      Address:2nd & 3rd Floor, West 6th Building, 18 West HaiTai Road, Tianjin, China






      Tellyes Scientific INC.  Copyright  津ICP備14006255號-1
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