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      News & Events
      Hands-on training with Nuwa

      From 18-22 September, the Modern Delivery Room Simulator Practical Training Week, sponsored by CCME and CHSM (hereinafter referred to as the two societies), was officially launched in Maternity and Child Healthcare Hospital of Huantai County, Zibo City, Shandong Province. Han Lingyan, vice president of the two societies and head of China's modern delivery room project, Zhang Hua, director of China's Modern Delivery Room Simulator Practical Training Research and Development Centre, Zhou Keshui, president of Huantai Maternity and Child Healthcare Hospital, and Zhao Lihua, assistant of the president, were in attendance.

      As the highlight of the 6th China Top 100 Modern Delivery Rooms Selection Indicator Seminar and Reviewer Training Course, this event presented several innovations: firstly, it was the first time that such a high-profile international academic summit was held in a grass-roots hospital, and most of the participants were the medical staff of obstetrics, midwifery, neonatology and anaesthesiology departments of neighbouring grass-roots hospitals, which embodied the purpose of academic sinking to grass-roots level. Secondly, it is the longest simulation training activity. Thirdly, two sets of the world's leading high-end intelligent models- Nuwa-the Birthing Simulator and related training equipment worth millions of dollars were invested in this training week, which  have reached the international leading level in terms of technology and functions. The training week attracted more than 140 medical staff from more than 20 units in Fujian, Henan, Shanxi and Shandong, including obstetrics, paediatrics and anaesthesia departments, and the activity site was extremely hot.

      The 24th was the International Academic Summit on Modern Maternity Ward Construction at the Grassroots Level, where online and offline experts gathered together. The opening ceremony of the conference was presided by Zhao Lihua, president of Huantai Maternity and Child Health Hospital, who introduced all the leaders and experts attending the conference offline and online, and welcomed all the experts to gather in Huantai. President Zhou Keshui delivered a welcome speech at the opening ceremony, and Vice President Li Cuiwei delivered a speech on the line.

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