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      News & Events
      Tellyes' Successful Debut at Arab Health 2024

      Arab Health is one of the largest medical equipment and healthcare exhibitions in the Middle East and a significant event in medical industry. Arab Health 2024 was held from January 29th, 2024 to February 1st at Dubai World Trade Centre. With the theme "Connecting Minds, Transforming Healthcare", Arab Health 2024 attracted 3000+ companies from 70+ countries and 68,000+ professional visitors from 180+ countries.

      At this exhibition, Tellyes Scientific INC. showcased a range of high-tech medical simulation products, including :

      Nuwa- The Birthing Simulator

      Guardian Baby

      Combat Self-aid & Buddy-aid Manikin、

      Advanced IV Training Arm

      Our company's products receive positive feedback in overseas market and demonstrate strong international competitiveness. Throughout the exhibition, Tellyes’ booth attracted a continuous flow of manufacturers, traders, experts, and scholars, and they all expressed keen interest in cooperation with us.

      The customers were initially attracted by the well-crafted products of Tellyes, and then, through the introduction and demonstration by our colleagues, they couldn't stop praising the excellent performance of Tellyes’ high-end simulation products, which are technologically advanced and intelligent. The customers expressed that Tellyes not only has rich product line, excellent workmanship, and superior performance, but also has significant price advantage.

      This successful debut marks a significant strategic milestone for Tellyes' international market expansion in 2024, contributing a lot to the company's overseas sales and global brand influence.

      Through this exhibition, Tellyes has gained a clearer understanding of our leading position in the international market, leaving a profound impression on numerous potential international clients and organizations.


      Arab Health 2024 sets a promising start for Tellyes' overseas ventures in 2024.

      Next: Arab Health 2024 Invitation

      Tellyes, Virtually Real

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