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      Model TYE6120
      Product size(mm) 232×275×190

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      DefibReady is designed to create a safe and repeatable high-fidelity training situation for medical & nursing students, as well as other primary healthcare workers to perform manual external defibrillation, AED, pacing and monitoring operation. The system consists of a simulated defibrillator, a wearable defibrillation vest and a control system.  

      Skills Gained

      · Defibrillation operation  

      · Pacing operation

      · Monitoring operation



      · Almost the same appearance with a real defibrillator

      · High-resolution touchscreen for parameters display & setup

      · Knobs & buttons can function just as a real defibrillator

      · Energy regulation with “””” buttons

      · Charging & discharging operations can be done with DefibReady

      · Defibrillation energy selection

      · No high voltage current, always safe for users

      · 4 modes available, including Monitor Mode, AED Mode, Manual Defibrillation Mode, Pacing Mode

      · DefibReady has a charging button and there will be charging sound effects just like a real defibrillator

      · A button for 2-min alarming pause. Press it under Monitor Mode, alarming light and sound will be turned off, but the parameters in the screen still have alarm flashing

      · Menu button for alarm, NIBP setup and log review in Monitor Mode

      · Different levels of alarm sounds and alarm light effects

      · Realistic defibrillation paddles & pads with visual reminder for right position

      · Buttons on defibrillation paddles for quick operation of energy regulation, charging and discharging

      · Automatic detection of paddle position, right placement will cause handle vibration during discharging

      · Defibrillation paddles can be removed for size change between adult and children operation

      · Automatic detection of pads connection in AED Mode. There will be voice prompt if pad falls

      · DefibReady comes with 5-lead cable, a pulse oximetry, a NIBP cuff, a cable temperature probe, and a CO2 sampling cannula

      · Real accessory connection experience with DefibReady like a real defibrillator

      · Detection of 5-lead ECG detachment

      · Detection of pulse oximetry detachment

      · Real NIBP cuff air-fill & air-release with audible sound

      · External power supply and built-in battery available. A full charge of the built-in battery supports 8-hour use

      · Instructions for use on DefibReady’s lateral side

      Defibrillation Vest

       · Can be worn by SP or manikins

       · Supports connection with 5-lead ECG

       · Supports the use of DefibReady defibrillation paddles & pads

       Control System

       · Monitoring ECG, EtCO2, Pleth, HR, RR, SpO2, NIBP, etc.

       · Adjustable ECG leads and gains; the gain ranges are×1/4, ×1/2, ×1, ×2, ×4

       · Automatic and manual NIBP measurement available

       · Freeze & data review functions available under Monitor Mode; trend charts and NIBP data can be viewed

       · Alarms can be setup; when a parameter exceeds its alarming range, alarm logs will be generated automatically

       · Status bar will display multiple alarming messages in a loop

       · Defibrillation energy can be adjusted; display current defibrillation energy

       · There will be a voice prompt when the charging is completed

       · Cumulative number of electric shocks and the energy of the latest electric shock are displayed

       · When in synchronized cardioversion mode, “Synchronization” will appear on the screen

       · ECG waveforms change after successful defibrillation

       · Complete process training of AED

       · AED voice and visual guide

       · Intelligent analysis of heart rhythm to indicate whether to perform an electric shock

       · Metronome available for CPR operation

       · Adjustable CPR modes and duration

       · On-demand pacing & fixed pacing

       · Web-based instructor software

       · Scan QR code for defibrillator connection & control

       · Built-in 16 defibrillation and pacing cases, including adult and pediatric cases like Atrial Fibrillation, Ventricular Fibrillation, Cardiac Arrest, Pace-making, Tachycardia

       · Instructor software can display the case flow and manually control the case

       · Resuscitation drugs available to enrich the rescue process

       · Compliant with 2020 AHA guidelines

       · Instructor software can view the vital signs of different case states, including ECG, heart rate, EtCO2, respiratory rate, etc.

       · Operation logs can be generated automatically and displayed in instructor software

       · The case result can be survived, dead or treatment stopped



      Tellyes, Virtually Real

      Stock code :833047

      Address:2nd & 3rd Floor, West 6th Building, 18 West HaiTai Road, Tianjin, China






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