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      CPR & Defibrillation Manikin

      Model TYE9120
      Product size(mm) 1600×500×210

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      The product is a male full-body manikin designed for CPR training, assessment, defibrillation and data statistics. Its control software can display operation data in real time for debriefing. It can collect multiple trainees’ data and integrate data from different units.

      Skills Gained

      · CPR skills

      · Defibrillation skills


      · Manikin:

      1)       Durable full-body manikin with realistic appearance & lifelike feel and touch

      2)       Wireless and tetherless design

      3)       Anatomically correct airway structures include oral cavity, nasal cavity, teeth, hard palate, tongue, palatoglossus arch, palatopharyngeal arch, tonsil, posterior pharyngeal wall, epiglottis, glottis, cricoid cartilage, thyroid cartilage, trachea and esophagus

      4)       Air-tight design for artificial ventilation by means of mouth to mouth, resuscitation balloon, and suglottic airway etc.

      5)       Oropharyngeal & nasopharyngeal catheters can be inserted using clinical real instruments. The length of inserted catheter is the same with real patients

      6)       Nipples can help locate the CPR hand position and the compression strength is close to a real person

      7)       Bilateral carotid pulses can be generated manually

      8)       Embedded control system to monitor and assess CPR operations and give feedbacks without relying on any control terminal

      9)       Real defibrillators can be used with the manikin and current ECG data will show on the screen of the defibrillator

      10)     Real discharge operation can be done and the ECG data will be recovered after correct operation. Energy released by the defibrillator is consistent with the data detected by the system

      11)     The manikin can connect with real ECG monitors and show ECG data dynamically

      12)     The manikin supports over 100000 times of chest compression

      13)     Internal rechargeable battery is good for 4 hours with a full charge

      · Software:

      1)       Web-based software

      2)       Wireless control. One control unit supports multiple trainees’ data collection

      3)       Real-time whole process guidance & supervision of single-person CPR training

      4)       Specific task training available for compression, ventilation, compression and ventilation together with user-defined time

      5)       Self-test training with user-defined time

      6)       Real-time display compression and ventilation data and graphs, dynamic distribution map available

      7)       Automatic objective scoring

      8)       Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) whole process training and assessment, including medication, defibrillation, compression and ventilation

      9)       Compliant with 2020 AHA and 2021 ERC guidelines and multiple difficulty levels available

      10)     Graphical display and immediate feedback of compression depth, compression rate, hand position, ventilation volume, ventilation duration and whether the airway is opened or not.

      11)     Automatic detection and upload of defibrillation mode, polarity and defibrillation energy of the used real defibrillator

      12)     Automatic storage of all training and assessment data which support filtering by training/assessment type, time and personnel

      13)     Details of a training result can be viewed, including total score, total duration and number of cycles; compression score, average compression depth, average compression rate, accuracy of compression position, full recoil rate; ventilation score, average ventilation volume, average ventilation duration, airway opening accuracy; compression duration as a percentage of the total CPR duration, maximum interruption duration

      14)     Radar chart available to show the score distribution of each aspect of CPR operation

      15)     Automatic comments can be generated according to the characteristics of trainee’s operation

      16)    Training data playback

      17)     The waveform of a single compression ventilation and the quality evaluation can be reviewed

      18)     Training/assessment results can be imprinted or exported




      Tellyes, Virtually Real

      Stock code :833047

      Address:2nd & 3rd Floor, West 6th Building, 18 West HaiTai Road, Tianjin, China






      Tellyes Scientific INC.  Copyright  津ICP備14006255號-1
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